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Handy Locator

Handy Locator

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Tracker.com - Mobile Locator - Auf dem Handy auf der Landkarte lokalisieren, anrufen

Emerald City Confidential The Handy Dandy Button Locator

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Don't worry about your family members if you have installed this application on their smartphones. You can find out where they are at any time.

Your relatives will not worry about you any more. If they send you a special SMS message in reply they will receive all information about your location.

You can allow to query your location only to contacts you have picked yourself. Nobody else will know where you are.

View the history of your location queries in a convenient form. View your previous locations on a map.

* You can specify contacts who can query about your location
* You can view full history of queries about your location

Source code of this application is available under Apache 2.0 licenсe at https://bitbucket.org/brighteyed/locationreport

* Algorithms improved
* Minor bugs fixed
* Added an option that allows to help with translation
* Added debug options to troubleshoot some problems
* Block device from going into sleep mode while obtaining location